Graduate Students

  • Souryadeep Bhattacharyya

    Georgia Tech - Nair/Sholl Group

    I work on gas breakthrough system adsorption experiments and process modeling. I will be focusing on testing process level parameters of adsorbent materials like reusability/recyclability on exposure to acid gases.

  • Brandon Bout

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group
    My research focuses on creating, modifying, and utilizing carbide-derived carbons for the purpose of acid gas adsorption.
  • Carmen Chen

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group
    My research focuses on the development of MOFs for selective acid gas adsorption. 
  • Chia-Hsin Chen

    Wash U - Hayes Group
    Using solid-state NMR to characterize products of amine modified silica.
  • Kai Cui

    University of Wisconsin - Schmidt Group
  • Nathan Ellebracht

    Georgia Tech - Jones Group
  • Arvind Ganesan

    Georgia Tech - NairGroup
    Reconstructed/self-healing MOFs: generalized mechanisms and interactions with complex acid gas mixtures.
  • Rebecca Han

    Georgia Tech - Sholl Group
  • Julian Hungerford

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group

    Current work involves the effects of mixed metal centers in MOFs and examination of their stability in humid environments. Future work will involve the controlled doping in MOFs such that their stability and degradation mechanisms can be understood. 

  • Jayraj Joshi

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group


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