Graduate Students

  • Souryadeep Bhattacharyya

    Georgia Tech - Nair/Sholl Group

    I am in EFRC Project Thrust II and work on gas breakthrough system adsorption experiments and process modeling. I will be focusing on testing process level parameters of adsorbent materials like reusability/recyclability on exposure to acid gases.

  • Akshita Dutta

    University of Florida - Vasenkov Group
  • Michael Dutzer

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group

    Carbide-Derived Carbons (CDCs) offer the possibility of using a low-power absorbent to remove acid gases. My research focuses on controlling the residual titanium within TiCDC particles. This residual metal affects the resulting structure and adsorption properties. 

  • Alex Elder

    Georgia Tech - Orlando/Nair Group

    My research focuses on the synthesis and characterization of 2-dimensional metal-organic framework materials. Our goal is to understand MOF surface defect generation, specifically in the context of acid gas exposure, by studying the chemistry and crystallography of MOF surface analogs. 

  • Nathan Ellebracht

    Georgia Tech - Jones Group
  • Zachery Enderson

    Georgia Tech - First Group
  • Luis Flores

    University of Alabama - Dixon Group
  • Rebecca Han

    Georgia Tech - Sholl Group
  • Chu Han

    Georgia Tech - Sholl Group

    My research focuses on the role of point defects on acid gas adsorption in ZIFs using quantum chemistry calculations.

  • Weize Hu

    ​Georgia Tech - Filler Group

    I study the localized surface plasmon catalyzed CO2 desorption using heavily doped Si nanowires.


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