Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Shengjie Zhang

    University of Alabama - Dixon Group
  • Rohit Batra

    Georgia Tech - Ramprasad Group
    Data-driven methods to accelerate first-principles computations for materials discovery and design.
  • Isaiah Borne

    Georgia Tech - Lively Group
  • Jan-Michael Carrillo

    ORNL - Sumpter Group
  • Krishna Jayachandrababu

    Georgia Tech - Nair Group
  • Si (Rose) Luo

    ORNL - Wu Group
  • Daniel O'Nolan

    Georgia Tech - Lively Group
    Crystal engineering of robust MOFs that exhibit selective gas adsorption properties for industrially relevant applications.
  • Erika Sesti

    Wash U - Hayes Group

    The aim of my research is to leverage multi-scale computational methods to understand the interactions between acid gas molecules and porous carbide-derived carbon structures.

  • Ian Walton

    Georgia Tech - Walton Group
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