Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Shengjie Zhang

    University of Alabama - Dixon Group
  • Jan-Michael Carrillo

    ORNL - Sumpter Group
  • Amelia Fitzsimmons

    ORNL - Straatsma Group
  • Josh Howe

    Georgia Tech - Sholl Group

    His work focuses on: the nature of surfaces of nanoporous materials and the interactions of acid gases with metal oxide surfaces. His work aims to build a fundamental understanding of the basic science underlying important stability and degradation phenomena in both domains by employing computational tools to study these systems ab initio.

  • Kuan Huang

    ORNL/UTK - Dai Group

    My research interests in the EFRC relate to the synthesis and functionalization of porous carbon materials for CO2 adsorption as well as understanding the thermodynamics of gas absorption/adsorption processes.
  • Krishna Jayachandrababu

    Georgia Tech - Nair Group
  • Meijun Li

    ORNL/UTK - Dai Group
  • Si (Rose) Luo

    ORNL - Wu Group
  • Simon Pang

    Georgia Tech - Lively/Jones Group

    Our objective is to probe the external features of MOF materials to better understand their interaction with acid gases and how their external surfaces influence adsorption and transport of acid gases into and within these materials. 

  • Michele Sarazen

    Georgia Tech - Jones Group


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