Graduate Students

  • Divakar Aireddy

    Louisiana State University
    Research Focus: Molecular Engineering of the Active Sites in Supported Cu/Zeolite Catalysts by Organic Acid Vapors
  • Fidel Amezcua

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Lively Group
  • Ganesan Arvind

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Nair Group
    Research Focus: Generalize controlled acid gas degradation and reconstruction using native linkers to several MOFs templates and different acid gas conditions
  • Isaiah Borne

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Lively and Jones Group
    Research Focus: Porous Liquids for Acid Gas Separations
  • Chao-Wen Chang

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Sholl Group
    Research Focus: Simulation of micro-porous liquids
  • Kai Cui

    University of Wisconsin - Schmidt Group
    Research Focus: Develop kinetic model to study defect propagation; Calculated SO2 adsorption in N-modified UiO-66
  • Tania Evans

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Walton Group
    Research Focus: Metal-organic frameworks for natural gas purification
  • Rishi Gurnani

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Ramprasad Group
    Research Focus: Designing polymeric materials for next-generation gas separation membranes and dielectrics using data-driven computation. More details are at the website:
  • Hannah Holmes

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Lively Group
    Research Focus: Improving stability of adsorbents in BECCS
  • Nickolas Joyner

    The University of Alabama, Chemistry – Dixon Group
    Research Focus: Computational electronic structure methods, reactivity of transition metal containing clusters for acid gases, machine learning