Postdoctoral Researchers

  • Jan-Michael Carrillo

    ORNL - Sumpter Group
    Research Focus: Atomistic and coarse-grained molecular dynamics simulations
  • Matthew Christian

    Sandia National Laboratories - Nanoff Group
    Research Focus: DFT, AIMD modeling and design of RE-MOFs for acid-gas adsorption
  • Victor Fung

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Sumpter Group
    Research Focus: DFT calculations, machine learning development and application
  • Bar Mosevitzk Lis

    Lehigh University – Wachs Group

    Research focuses on the elucidation of structure-activity relations in heterogeneous catalytic systems using in situ and operando characterization techniques, enabling the enhancement of catalytic performance through the rational design of catalysts.
  • Peter Metz

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Page Group
    Research focus: Developing total scattering data refinement methods
  • Stephen Purdy

    Oak Ridge National Laboratory Research - Page Group
    Research Focus: X-ray and neutron characterization of RE-MOFs, ZIFs, and oxide catalysts
  • Subhajyoti Samanta

    Lehigh University –Baltrusaitis Group
    Research Focus: Materials Chemistry and Heterogeneous Catalysis
  • Raghu Thyagarajan

    Georgia Institute of Technology – Sholl Group
    Research Focus: Quantum chemistry and molecular modeling to describe molecular adsorption and diffusion in MOFs and amorphous materials